Holc Natural Pools FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers about our natural pool made of wood. Find out everything you need to know about how our Holc natural pools work, how they are constructed and how to care for them. What you always wanted to know about water quality or the interaction between wood and water. Or, for example, how much it costs to build a Holc natural pool. If you do not find the answers you are looking for or if you have any other questions, simply contact our customer service: kundendienst@holc.at.

In a natural pool, the water is treated with biological filters. The microorganisms in the filter remove the nutrients from the water. This keeps the water alive and crystal clear without the use of chemicals. The swimming and filter pool of our Holc natural pool is made of local wood from certified forestry.

Each Holc® natural pool is an individual custom-made product, adapted to the wishes of the customer. The price depends, among other things, on the pool size, the equipment and the terrain. Most of our currently constructed pools are priced in the six-digit euro range due to the large selection of additional products. Earthworks and crane work are not included in this price.

Yes, a natural pool can be heated. The water in our Holc natural pool can be heated up to 37 °C with a wide variety of heating systems.

Yes, before filling a Holc® natural pool, a precise filling water analysis is carried out to check whether the water is suitable. If the basic requirements are not met, measures can be taken in advance to guarantee an unclouded swimming experience.

Yes, the installation of a natural pool in a swimming pond combines the advantages of both systems. With this solution, you get to enjoy the diverse fauna and flora with a visible and delimited swimming area.

A natural pool is basically divided into a swimming, filter and technical area. The areas are separated from each other with partition walls.

The walls and the floor can be cleaned with a pool robot. The filter area must be backwashed 2-3 times a year, depending on bathing intensity and environmental inputs.

In large parts of Austria and Germany, natural pool installations are only subject to notification. However, there are some regions where a building application must be submitted. In Switzerland, a building permit is mandatory. Detailed information should be clarified in advance with the local building authority.

There is no classic winterisation. The water remains in the pool all year round. As temperatures drop, the natural pool goes into hibernation. The pumps can run during the winter months without hesitation.

Only domestic wood from certified forestry is used for our Holc® natural pools. Spruce and fir are preferred for the pool. The top of the pool and the decking are made of domestic larch.

A very clear "NO". The wooden body of the Holc® natural pool is completely submerged in water, the wood is soaked, airtight and thus preserved. Rotting is therefore impossible.

The swimming pond has a diverse plant and animal life, it can also become cloudy at times. The natural pool does not require plants for cleaning and has a visible swimming area. Due to the permanent filtration, the water is clear throughout. Those who prefer swimming in clear water are better off with a natural pool.

Yes. In principle, the pool would already be tight by using wood. Wood has the wonderful property that the volume increases due to increasing wood moisture and thus all joints are closed. As an additional seal and protection against putrefactive bacteria of the soil, an additional rubber film with protective fleece on both sides is used.

Yes, our Holc® natural pool is constructed in such a way that it basically does not float up. Should the water be drained later on, for whatever reason, the groundwater level must also be lowered all around.

Since all wooden parts are permanently under water, the wood is preserved by the water. This also prevents rotting bacteria from reaching the wood.

Wood splinters do not form under water, because all wood fibers are moist and elastic. Sometimes, after years of decking, individual small splinters appear.

Over the winter months, the circulating pumps only run at limited capacity and energy is saved here once again.

By using patented and hundredfold tested biofilters, the water is naturally treated and the use of chemicals and salt is not necessary.

Water change is not necessary, because it is cleaned by biological treatment and permanent water circulation.

No, with the Holc® natural pool we also refrain from using chemicals. Chemical substances could enter the pool via the splash water and inhibit the natural water treatment.

Yes, of course. In principle, the installation of a counter-swimming system is possible. We recommend the sustainable alternative with the "Pooltrainer".

Cleaning a Holc® natural pool is done with a landing net, brush and pool robot.

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