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The nicest thing about our job is that we make our customers happy. And that is something that does not just last for a short moment. It lasts for a lifetime. It is important that you are satisfied and that you feel good all over. That pleases us very much especially when we get a positive feedback.

Healthy, chemical-free water with Holc Naturpool


The enthusiasm was and is great: the natural water, the easy-to-use technology and the appealing look, which fits very well with our wooden house, have convinced us.

Caviezel family, TägerwilenHolc Natural Pool Owner

"We have lived by the lake for a long time and loved it. Now we have the water and the jetty on our doorstep! Simply great. In summer lake feeling and extended well-being space, in winter ice skating rink and plunge pool after the sauna. A dreamlike ambience and pure nature all year round."

Gressl family, RaabaHolc Natural Pool Owner

"We love our Holc natural pool, we can't imagine our garden without it.
The whole family enjoys spending time at and in the pool. Even our Weimaraner dog Aemy only gets her daily water ration from the Holc Naturpool!"

Pachatz family, MittertrixenHolc Natural Pool Owner

Our Holc natural pool has now celebrated its first birthday. The water is as clear and clean as on the first day. We can only confirm the Holc team's promises of no chemicals, no water changes and still clean, clear water. The Holc pool is an oasis of well-being for us.

Kothgaßner family, DornbirnHolc Natural Pool Owner

"We love the calming effect of the natural element of water and enjoy our Holc natural pool at any time of year!"

Family Steiger Plüss, BottmingenHolc Natural Pool Owner

"We take every opportunity to swim and bathe. The Holc natural pool, which fits perfectly into the garden, brings us a lot of quality of life and joy."

Eberle family, GamsHolc Natural Pool Owner

"Bathing fun without chemicals, annual water changes, "plastic and concrete-free" were our requirements. With the Holc natural pool, we were able to fulfil all our wishes.
We are proud of our Holc natural pool."

Family Veit, JudenburgHolc Natural Pool Owner

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