Your tailormade natural paradise

Let yourself be inspired and allow us to complete your individual garden with a selection of our great accessories. The possibilities are endless. From the layout of the shallow area, with or without water plants, to a surge shower and spots, up to a pool heating system and pool covering.


Holc Natural Pools Stone Floors

Stoned floor

A naturally stone floor gives your Holc natural pool a special touch. A stoned floor not only looks the part, but also stores additional warmth and makes the surface more tread resistant. This can be provided in a variety of natural stone types.

Loudspeaker Holc Natural Pool

Underwater loudspeaker

Get your Holc natural pools water in tune with underwater music. Sink into a dream with your favourite music and enjoy the individual sounds together with the bathing experience.

A step block in the Holc natural pool

Block steps

Our block steps, made of solid wood, give you the best access in and out of your pool. They also give you a good opportunity of taking a seat, and relaxing after a swim, while still in the pool. They can be provided in various shapes and sizes, and can be combined with the natural stone.

Shallow water zone of a Holc natural pool

Shallow water zone

Let the surounding area of your Holc natural pool turn into a small water landscape. We can gladly plan the shallow water zone with or without plants. Or possibly in combination with a babbling water stone or stream.

Pool trainer for Holc natural pool

Pool trainer

The pool trainer is an innovative alternative to a counter current system and operates without the need of electrical energy. It allows you to properly train your swimming techniques naturally, and using any stroke. Even in smaller sized Holc natural pools.

Pool ladders

Our stainless steel pool ladders can be provided in a variety of nice shapes and designs, for ease of access in and out of the pool.

Shows a splash shower for a Holc natural pool

Water features: Surge shower, waterfall, water jet, babbling stones

ndividual water features give your Holc natural pool an even greater wellness feeling. Enjoy the relaxing splashing, and soothing effect when the water patters down your shoulders and back. Supplied in a variety of designs

Underwater beds

Our underwater beds, made of solid wood, are the comfortable way of totally relaxing in water and gathering up the sun. The bed sizes and distancing can be chosen individually.

Cover Holc Natural Pools

Pool cover

Either the sliding cover made of wood, or the underwater retractable cover can be supplied, to easily and quickly protect the Holc natural pool when not in use. Available in all Holc natural pool sizes.

App control of Holc natural pools

Smart home compatible

The electrically controlled components of your Holc natural pool can be integrated into your smart home system. You can then use your smartphone to activate the pool heating and switch on the underwater lights and speakers from the comfort of your living room couch.

Child safety lock in the Holc natural pool

Pool safeness for children

Child safety is very important to us. This is why we offer a whole range of safety options for your pool. These include safety mechanisms for the retractable underwater cover, possibilities to hold on to for support in the water, right up to safety fencing. We can gladly advise you on the best solution for you and your youngsters to make bathing even more fun.

Heating and cooling in the Holc natural pool

Heating and cooling

Extend your bathing season and enjoy swimming in chemical free water from the spring until well into autumn. Enthusiastic cold water swimmers can also use their heated Holc natural pool to swim in, in the winter months. A Holc natural pool can also be cooled, should the water get too warm for you to freshen up in summer. We will gladly make it our concern to get the pool water temperature right for you. For this purpose we ideally utilise renewable energy.

Underwater lighting in the Holc natural pool

Underwater spots

Retreat into your wellness oasis in the evening, night or even early mornings and set your own mood under the picturesque light from the ideally placed spots. Supplied in a variety of designs and colour tones.

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