Types of configuration

There are no limits when it comes to customer requirements. In principal, it is possible to introduce all fitments which are also available with conventional pools. And to add – by using wood, it is possible to have a tailor made bathing oasis to your requirements.

• Shallow water zone
  With or without plants. Possibility to also combine a water spouting stone or stream

• Regulated swimming area
  For the safety of smaller children

• Fitments
  Jet stream nozzles, loudspeakers, ladders/steps etc.

Skimmer bowl or overflow
  The Holc natural pool can be fitted either with a skimmer bowl or overflow

Convenient sun bathing area at the waters edge
  You have the option to stipulate the size and distance of the sun bathing area to the water

• Lighting
  For the pleasure of swimming in the evening twilight

• Counter current unit
  For intensive swimming training (can also be retro-fitted)

• Splash shower and waterfall
  For a hefty back massage

Terrace out of wood or stone
  On the waters edge for optimum use

Heating the water
  Up to 35 degrees C as an option which will extend the bathing season

Pool coverage
  Because of the stable basic structure, all covers are possible

We take responsibility

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