The way to get your own pool

We plan according to your imagination

Even during the initial planning stage great attention is paid to even the smallest detail. This is necessary to ensure that, when applicable, planning permission can be quickly granted. We offer individual solutions even for seemingly unsuitably small plots of land. Your needs are always the centre of our attention. You get your first impression of how the Holc pool will look in your garden from our 3 dimensional planning. Then the dreams of your own pool can become reality.

The workshop production

The Holc pool is pre-fabricated in the workshop and within a few hours, delivered and installed. Constant quality control of materials and during production guarantee’s the customer that the high quality of the product remains consistent. Tedious and time consuming preparation at the site is therefore unnecessary. Generally, the Holc natural pool is installed without the use of concrete.

Professional installation in a few hours

The installation of your swimming landscape at the site is co-ordinated and supervised by us. This is done solely by highly qualified employees. We are also able to co-ordinate and supervise other work, should the customer decide to provide certain services himself. We can guarantee that your pool project is completed within the scheduled timeframe.

Customer care service is our distinction

After the scheduled completion we then provide a team of well trained pool specialists. They commission the pool and train the customer as to how the pool is operated and maintained. It goes without saying that, even after installation and commissioning of the pool, we are always available for the customer.

We take responsibility

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