Holc Naturpool "Premium"

As individual as our customers.

With its attractive wooden surface structure, the Holc natural pool improves the looks of your home leaves nothing to be desired. Regardless of the fact whether you are installing a spa area in your house or the opportunity for a bit of healthy bathing in your garden during summer.

Tailor made according to your requirements

■  Also possible on plots of land which are difficult to access
■  Individual and according to your requirements. Feasible in almost any shape
■  Large units from 4 metres in total width and up to 4 metres water depth
■  Quick installation due to the individual pre-fabrication
■  Ecological, made from wood
■  Optional shallow water zone according to your requirements
■  Useable the whole year round (e.g. ice skating)
■  The installation is done largely without cement
■  Easy and cost effective maintenance and care
■  Biological filter technology for healthy bathing
■  It is no trouble to install individually requested fitments: Ladders, showers, lighting, nozzles, and heating to name just a few

We take responsibility

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