The patented system from Holc

Why make a pool out of wood?

“I have long confronted myself with the durability of wood, working together with research institutes like “Holzforschung Austria” (Austrian Wood Research). But I found Venice the most fascinating. This city was built on stilts in the middle of a lagoon 1,500 years ago – and it is still standing! This proves that wood and water go together very well. The natural pool from Holc is completely submerged in water which keeps the wood totally wet and hermetically sealed against the influence of atmosphere. This eliminates any chance of the wood rotting” says Herbert Laßnig.

Wood is the ideal construction material

Wood has an extremely inherent stability, is created to have a lifelong durability and has an attractive and pleasant surface structure. Because of the characteristics of wood, e.g. good heat insulation, means that water takes longer to cool and energy can be greatly reduced on pools fitted with water heating options. Wood is a healthy construction material and therefore ideal for creating a reasonably priced bathing oasis for the whole family.

Multifunctional and flexible

The Holc natural pool can be completed quickly due to the large amount of pre-assembly involved. Also, with our solution, an extension or modification of your existing pool can be carried out relatively simply. Our system is multifunctional: As a swimming pool or as a cordoned off swimming area in a natural bathing pond.

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