The Holc natural pool in a swimming pond or lake

A cordoned off swimming area

The completely pre-fabricated Holc natural pool can also be integrated in new and existing swimming pond facilities. By integrating the Holc natural pool in a pond one gains a cordoned off swimming area with a pre-selected depth, water quality which is chemically free and an optically natural appearance.

The natural pool from Holc is totally submerged under water
• The pool facet can be extended out of the water (ideal for connecting to a patio etc.)

Ecological, natural and flexible design

The shape and design can be multifarious so as to include features like steps, splash showers, reclining area, lighting etc. because of the stable construction of the pool body. Last but not least, the Holc pool has many advantages because of the following attributes: ecological efficiency, natural appearance because of the wooden surface, high stability, low maintenance, individual design and the use of 100% regenerative raw materials. Due to the built- in patented bio-filter, we are able to achieve crystal clear water.

Possibility of multifarious features (steps, lighting etc.)
• Modification of an existing swimming pond
Patented bio-filter for crystal clear water
• Low maintenance costs
100% regenerative raw materials
• Heating of the water

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